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2 Responses to P1020014-6

  1. Andrew Baxter says:

    Nice boat.
    Very realistic.
    A good video of it doing its sailing and sinking above and below the waves.
    I could see the problem with submerged visibility.
    Have you ever lost it with the radio signal getting too weak?
    Best regards
    Andrew Baxter.

    • Phill says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for your kind comments. Actually the video is of another members U Boat, it operates on 27MHz radio kit so underwater operation is not a problem at least for a few feet. My boat, the A class British sub runs with 2.4GHz so the antenna is fixed to the top of the periscope and it is not designed to run below periscope depth. Should it go lower the signal loss is detected by the onboard control system and an emergency CO2 cylinder is vented to blow the tanks and surface the sub.

      All the best


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